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PROforma Piper Printing

Miami Blake, Owner of PROforma Piper Printing

"PROforma Piper Printing is a very busy print and promotionals company, so it is absolutely necessary to partner with a graphics company that is reliable, fast, and creative.

DPI Graphics has been our go to design firm for over five years. Jeff is an extremely talented graphic designer. He has an uncanny ability to decipher what we want, from what is often just a scribble, and turn it into a masterpiece. We trust Jeff with our work, we trust him to meet our sometimes impossible deadlines, and we trust DPI Graphics with every aspect of the print and promotional design world. He has never let us down. "


  • Affordable rates for small businesses
  • Expert design support from concept to completion
  • Attractive designs that get noticed and produce results
  • No hidden fees - hourly and flat rate pricing available
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Krista Katz, Marketing & Communications Director at WVBBTS/SEF

"Jeff came on board with us when we had a backlog of graphic design work to be done. He not only picked up our branding very quickly, he proactively created new images that strengthened our brand. He is a fast worker who listens well to constructive input and keeps a level temperament in all situations. Jeff was a pleasure to work with and would be a significant asset to any graphics, website design or branding projects. His creativity is first-rate!"


Small business owners rock. They need an edge to make
themselves stand out. That’s where DPi Graphics comes in.

"Hi, my name is Jeff Brown. I’ve been designing for print and the web for over 15 years, so I've got some experience under my belt.
I’ve worked for both small and large businesses and have gotten laid off more times than I’d care to count. That’s part of why
I started DPi Graphics. In addition to not being laid off again, I wanted to provide quality design at an affordable cost.

While working for other companies, I found that small businesses struggle with finding high quality graphic design services
that fit their budget. Small business accounts for the majority of business conducted in the U.S. Shouldn’t they have the
same accessibility to high quality design as a big corporation? I say, absolutely.

I started DPi Graphics to help small business and entrepreneurs start their businesses right - with professional,
high quality design that won’t break the budget."